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We are poised to launch private, local, encrypted communication networks where citizens can communicate directly to someone’s mobile device (point-to-point) without a cell tower. » read more

3D Beacon Location Technology Logo

SpectralCast 3-D beacon location technology points in the direction of the beacon and will tell you if the item you are looking for is several floors above you. We deliver the distance and direction. That’s the Z-Factor. » read more

Solar and Lighting

Solar and Lighting:
Perfect Together

We have cutting-edge solar and energy-efficient lighting solutions for any application.

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» more about lighting

SpectralCast, Inc. is a designer, manufacturer of specialty electronics. We integrate and cultivate high-tech consumer electronic products with the aim of building a global encrypted network – the Organic Network.  Our wireless layer creates an individually controlled content environment with access to all forms of media obtained through one location source.

Orbital Labs, a subsidiary of SprectralCast, has designed patented solutions for creating a public/private terrestrial network, through the mass deployment of technologies that will change the way we interact with each other and our environments. After making a name for ourselves with the sales of commercial-grade premium LCD televisions to casinos, restaurants and military installations, we have moved into worldwide design, manufacturing and distribution of specialty electronics with global impact.