About us

Mission statement:  SpectralCast, Inc. providing 21st century wireless & location based solutions to solve everyday problems.
SpectralCast is an electronics design firm that has created equipment for deployment of an organic communications network.

SpectralCast: electronics design for private encrypted networks

The “Organic Network” provides a new way to locate, communicate, and put an end to missing valuables, children, jewelry, electronics, etc. The system is the first of its kind wireless network. It is a “Headless Network” like the original Internet was intended to function. The end controller device and it’s user are what handles everything, the communications links are just transport. The devices are the network!

Paradoxical to the corporate controlled networks that bog down with more users, the organic network has improved functionality. We accomplish this by managing the type of applications that exist in our new ecosystem.

To start the Organic Network we have seeded ourselves into the first responder markets. Utilizing Solar, and green technologies that increase energy efficiencies. We are poised to install, maintain and utilize our customer base that will inherently be a part of this new wireless system, “The Organic Network.”

Having already signed Talon Safety Systems to an exclusive contract for the first responder market, we have lit our path and look forward to increasing our reach so that missing children become a thing of the past.


A Subsidiary of SpectralCast

The manufacturing arm of SpectralCast, Orbital, is a manufacturer and importer of electronic devices made primarily in Asia. Orbital partners with design and manufacturing firms in Asian countries to bring products to market in the United States. Orbital has a branding agreement for the Orbital name with GreenTech Group Limited, a large manufacturer in China. Most companies in China must rely on other firms from different countries to market and sell their products into the world’s largest market, the United States. Owners of the manufacturing plants do not have the knowledge on how to market their products, nor the ability to provide service for the end user. By using Orbital Laboratories, Inc. as a distribution partner, the Chinese company is assured of developing a product that can be marketed in the United States.