Our Technology

The Products ARE the Network = Unlimited users = Unlimited growth

Our patented technology is embedded in everyday electronics that range from solar & lighting systems to household electronics and mobile devices. These complimentary products then integrate to create their own private network. The Organic Network then exists in a layer over and outside of existing networks. Its private and encrypted to ensure privacy and security.


Each device relays signals coming and going without storing data

  • The devices are dumb; they automatically pass information.
  • Devices cannot retain information passing through.
    • Essentially each device is a mini network tower or transceiver
    • Device storage (its intelligence) is segregated from all data it transfers
    • Instead of siphoning bandwidth, additional devices increase bandwidth
  • Parents were congregating at the school to pick up their kids as the fire drew nearer.Everyone was on their cell phone but nobody could get through. ~ Deb Wild (Willow Grove Elementary, Bernardo Fire)
  • Sound familiar? The problem with a cellular network is that every device is a parasite feeding off of the bandwidth of their local tower. In an emergency, when cellular networks are overloaded, locating your loved ones and communicating with them is essential and could be life saving.
  • When your devices are the network there is no communications overload in the system.