3D Beacon Location



Talon Safety Systems seeks to outfit Fire Departments nationwide with tracking technology that is simple to use, straightforward in its application and cost effective in improving safety for front line personnel. Talon Safety Systems provides an unparalleled ability to track and locate personnel on scene, enhancing efficiency of deployment of personnel resources and improving risk management.
​ Dan OMeara

Captain, Fresno City Fire

CEO, Talon Safety Systems

THE HOLY GRAIL of beacon location services

3-D Beacon Location:
We live in a Three-Dimensional world. The things we want to find can be in the same room, or 75 stories up in a skyscraper. You could lose your remote under a couch or one of the kids could have taken it upstairs to their bedroom. Current beacon location is limited to 2 dimensions (X axis & Y axis) and can only report that you are near your item, it DOES NOT deliver direction or vertical component (Z-axis). Being near is good, but not great. If you have a 4 year old boy chasing a balloon and moving through a crowd of people at the county fair its good to know they are near, but current beacons can’t tell you if he’s behind you, in front of you, or off to the side.

SpectralCast 3-D beacon location technology points in the direction of the beacon and will tell you if the item you are looking for is several floors above you. We deliver the distance and direction. That’s the Z-Factor.


  • Tiny beacon footprint due to eSurface technology
  • Uses 900 MHz protocol
  • Located 3 Dimensionally
    • Distance to target
    • Height of
  • Locates paired beacons
    • Does NOT detect beacons that are not paired