Organic Network

"The Internet will soon disappear."

~ Google Executive Chairman, Larry Schmidt

Encrypted Communication

When speaking about the internet, Googles Executive Chairman, of course, did not mean disappear literally but rather to paraphrase the concept: Our sense of the Internet will disappear and when you walk into a room, one of the billions of devices coming online in the next decade will all be communicating; and with your permission, with the devices you are wearing. (He described the way the internet was originally intended to work.)

~ Christian de Looper, Switzerland, 2015 World Economic Forum, ~Tech Times Jan 26, 2015

When the Internet no longer requires ISPs & large corporate servers, it will have devolved to the original pure state of the internet. A compilation of interconnected, independent Organic Networks will have no regulation and complete privacy.

SpectralCast Organic Network -

The overall purpose of all the current products SpectralCast is bringing to market is to support the company’s mission to create its “Organic Network”, a revolutionary new communications Platform. The Media Player, besides providing all of the functions and capabilities of a traditional media player and the expansion of our Finder Technology, will also allow for robotic communications to create, reinforce, and operate our Organic Network.

The idea of an Organic Network was the conclusion of a series of problems that have plagued humanity in the 21st century. In 2007 in Del Mar, California during a question and answer session at an electronic symposium Mr. Meyer was asked, “If the world’s cellular networks and ISP’s were to become disabled and you were asked to design a new global communications network today, what would it look like?” Mr. Meyer’s stated, “I would build a system that did not require the use of cell towers, instead I would build retail electronics that would act as mini cell towers for every home”. The answer was not simple but did start the process of how a wireless mesh network could be organically grown using technical innovations that would allow for the marketing of a base device acting in place of the traditional “cell tower” and traditional ISP’s.

Like a biological system, this Organic Network becomes a reality with the mass deployment of the Media Player. The rollout of this new entertainment device will create a revolutionary new way of communication with access to the same capabilities of today’s cellular networks and ISP’s.

Unlike traditional networks, every new Media Player acts as a node and creates its own encrypted private bubble for its owner.  Each node then looks for other bubbles to connect to without compromising the privacy and security of the owner. As more bubbles attach to each other, the more robust and reliable the overall regional network bubble becomes. Each network bubble can have other networks inside that it can cross communicate with.

All units will connect and communicate with each other to create a public/private network with security at its core. This network does not require large towers or massive infrastructure to be built. It simply requires buying the product and plugging it in to send data packets that can then flow back into our network using the public internet only as an alternative data transport method to connect islands, continents or remote places that do not have mass deployment of our Media Player creating a contiguous Organic Network.

Our SpectralCast Organic Network as planned is an Organic Deployment, which means that all of our products talk to each other without passing user information.  As our products penetrate a market, our range and bandwidth also increases, thus negating the need for cellular towers for example. The frequency and range that we currently have is good, and will allow text and voice communication between users when we decide to offer that service.  

Security -

As stated above, the deployment of our Orbital branded products will enable the network to do its job.

GPS technology is always on, and can be seen by others. It is visible to cell phone companies, the Government, and hackers. Everyone in our network is seen, yet privacy for the people using the system is still insured.  With our finder technology, for example, one has to take an action to activate the device to be located. Once activated, the network searches for it until found. If a device is used for a crime, the activation works like a finger print, thereby discouraging this type of use.

Privacy permeates every aspect of our network and products. This was a main concern of our design team. Our core design network concept creates a private network of things owned and controlled by our clients. This could be friends that have our Cell Phone Case product for example, which allows direct connectivity to another bubble owner to chat, text or even call. This, of course will be completely private as there is no “central” system for data collection and no way to create Call Detail Records (CDR’s) that are used for billing, (now being collected by the NSA without apology). This is one aspect of the SpectralCast Organic Network that is a game changer to our existing understanding of the Internet.

 Today, most cable companies are bound by territories; we are not. This is a powerfull statement. Our revenue is not bound. Our revenue model is global.
The SpectralCast Organic Network rollout is a new concept. We have very little cost of infrastructure. Our Network just relies on sales to consumers, and a reason for them to buy our product. In the end, our goal is to help find things that are important, make family entertainment easily obtained and affordable in one location source, as well creating an individually controlled content and communications environment.

Though there may be similar technologies in existence, our concepts are new, and backed with patented technology. We believe that our team has covered all aspects of rollout, design and manufacturing.