SpectralCast Media Player

What is a Media Player:

In the simplest of terms, a traditional Media Player is a device for playing digital media files on a TV or Hi-Fi.  We are surrounded by digital media, whether in the form of digital camera video or photos, digitally stored music, or digital video movies and TV shows. The problem is, as the quantity of digital media has grown explosively, the methods used to enjoy it have stood still. There have been many companies that spring into the mind when you here the term, Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, and one of the first, Western Digital. The Boxee Box that burst on the scene in 2011, was bought by Samsung in very quick fashion.

Our Media Player will incorporate most media, including a Cable Card slot for those who still use cable for something other than high speed internet. The SpectralCast Media Player will also have our technology inside to help locate things of value.

The SpectralCast designed Media Player is the key to our Finder Technology.  It is our main base transmitter unit pared to a personal Beacon with two embedded networks, and acts as the backbone to the SpectralCast Organic Network plan, not only expanding the range of our Finder Technology once mass deployed, but also introducing a revolutionary new way for the world to connect and communicate, truly allowing for major advantages over our competitors. Much like the functions of our Finder App, the same information, pairing process and display will be accessible through our Media Player and the viewing device it is connected to, most likely your television.

many people nowadays have a large screen High Definition TV. Very few people actually use their TV’s for enjoying all forms of digital media. Instead, most watch digital video, look at photos, listen to music and access the internet on a tiny laptop, tablet, computer, or even mobile phone screen. If a TV is used it is usually connected by precarious cabling arrangements to a laptop or PC, requiring repeated plugging and unplugging as well as a high degree of technical knowledge in getting everything working.

A Media Player provides one central hub for the enjoyment of all digital media. You can use it to watch any video file, any piece of music, or to view all your photos. All this is in a simple to use, energy efficient, and compact box. Connect the Media Player to both your TV and your Hi-Fi and you have an instant and convenient way to enjoy your music and/or video collection in the best possible quality.

SpectralCast has designed a new type of “Networked” Media Player.  Networked means the player has the option of local storage through an internal hard drive or storage attached to the Media Player such as an attached USB hard drive, attached USB pen drive, SD Card, or an eSATA hard drive, but can also access a local network or the internet. This allows the player to access digital media stored on a home PC, or a dedicated storage device (NAS).

Besides providing the traditional uses of a Media Player described earlier, our unit can deliver content in the form of broadcast television channels, with 230 additional “channels” that allows for the opportunity to create an individual media broadcasting outlet, (your own personal channel that you control whom may have viewing access).

More importantly, as indicated, our Media Player is the main base transmitter unit behind our Finder Technology.  We have created a beacon-frame data device that allows communications between our electronic products that becomes “self aware”, securely locating missing assets and individuals, especially children. It gives the user the ability to register, find, and control their own personal secure network. 

Special Features:

  • Ability to “wake up” a single, or group of  Beacons
  • Ability to track multiple Beacons
  • Ability for other Media Players to interact with each other:
  • Share resources
  • Track another Media Players, Beacons and report back the results to the    owner of the Beacon
  • Allow remote services, cell phone and tablet for instance.

These devices will have the ability to locate in their area but the Media Player will be more powerful and can locate anywhere. All these features ride on a secure encrypted network.

The Beacons that travel through our network can only be activated by the owner and remain asleep until activated. These Beacons can be activated by both the Media Player and the Cell Phone Case. Our Media Player includes a unique connector that allows for other electronics and systems to utilize it as a communications interface. Applications for this concept include data collection for weather, medical, surveillance and many other fields.  We are not GPS; we are a completely Terrestrial-based system. Beacons can be placed on things of value that are missing.  We are not competing with Google Maps, or GPS drive-by-drive instructions.  If you activate one of our Beacons, it means you lost something of value.